Revisiting Old Images

I am always learning new things about photography. I doubt I will ever stop learning, but with knowledge comes new ways of doing things. I am one to change and adapt if it helps my overall goal. My overall goal is to improve my photography. Part of this improvement is updating my processes in post production. I am always on the hunt for tips and advice, and when I find something I like my first instinct is to test it out. I have learned a lot from fellow photog Michael Frye and how he goes about using Lightroom. So much so I have changed my post production techniques. I have since been revisiting old classic images of mine to re-work them. I feel the image quality is improved along with producing an overall better product for art buyers. So why not revisit old images and make them "better"?

The image below was one of my first "masterpieces". I have licensed this image to several corporate companies, and it's been one of my most successful images. So why mess with it? The short answer is:  To make it even better.

Canon 40D with 16-35mm II at 17mm f16 @ .6 sec ISO 100