Canon Rant

Rant alert, rant alert! I just wanted to get that out there. This is going to be a Canon rant. While I love Canon products and Canon CPS, they have been pretty lackluster in terms of releases and upgrades. Canon recently announced the T5 rebel. While this is not a camera I am personally interested in, it really isn't an upgrade from the previous model. They released the Canon EOS M, a while back and have yet to support it here in the States. No new lenses, no upgrades, nothing. It's clear that other camera manufacturers are going into the mirrorless sector with guns ablaze, while canon seems to be abandoning it. While these small quibbles aren't going to make or break my relationship with Canon, the following might. When Nikon released the D800 and Canon released the 5DIII I knew megapixels wasn't going to determine which camera I bought. The 5DIII in my opinion is a better overall camera. The difference between the high megapixel Nikon and Canon's sensor is only noticeable at pixel level examinations. In my opinion the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS II is the sharpest lens I've shot with. Maybe I have a really awesome copy, but it's proven to be more sharp than my 24mm TS-e II. This lens alone is why I stuck with Canon. With the release of the 24-70 II, I knew canon was coming out with some really great glass. This is how I determine what camera system I will invest in, it's the lenses, not the bodies.

So my style is wide vast landscapes. I like getting close to a foreground subject, capturing it's surroundings and the sky above, all in one click. My only hesitation staying with Canon is because they didn't have the 14-24mm lens that Nikon has. The 16-35mm is really a good lens. I have made many of great images from that lens, but it lacks in a few key areas. I stayed with Canon because I believed they would soon release a lens in the 14-24mm focal length that would rival or beat Nikon's legendary lens.

Well where is it? The 70-200 was updated and totally rocks, the 24-70 II is said to be one of the best zoom lenses ever made. Where is the 14-24mm? Where are the innovative updates to camera bodies that Canon is known for? Where is the support for the mirrorless sector? Everytime I go out to photograph wide landscapes, I am wishing I had a 14-24mm. It's getting bad so much so I might follow fellow Canon photographers and buy a Nikon lens and an adapter so I can use the legendary 14-24 on my 5DIII. Canon please make this lens. Put it atop your todo list. It would make me and many..many other photographers very happy.


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