Canon GP-E2 Review

When I set out to explore places I have not been, I often photograph features such as a mountain peaks or bodies of water. When I get back home, most of the time I forgot the name of the feature I was photographing or I never knew it in the first place. A Photogeotager (if thats a word?) to the rescue! I have been using the Canon GP-E2 for several weeks now and it has helped me determine what I am actually photographing. Not only that, I can share with my readers and viewers where exactly a certain photo was taken. The GP-E2 connects to the hotshoe of my Canon 5D mark III (check the specifications of the GPS to assure it is compatible with your camera) and when I make an image, the GP-E2 will record the GPS location data into the image file. Pretty sweet!  The GPS picks up signal within a couple minutes. I did have some trouble when I was driving with the camera in my lap while looking for wildlife, it would sometimes lose signal but it would acquire the signal again within minutes.

The build quality of the unit is good. I don't feel like I have to baby it! It has weatherproofing on the connections to prevent water damage. It uses a single AA battery which are easy to find and I have plenty of! I have my GP-E2 to refresh the location data every minute. You can choose between several different refresh rates, depending on how long you want the battery to last. The battery lasts a couple days of extended use which was pleasantly surprising! Overall it's a great unit. The biggest thing for me it that it is a bit on the big side. The way I have my camera bag, I have to take the unit off if I want to put my camera away. I would much rather have it be a bit smaller!

Overall it's a recommended accessory, especially if you ever forget where that one image was made. It's even more necessary if you are doing wildlife and biology research. Knowing the location of where the animals are is crucial! Even if you aren't doing research, it's a good idea to return to that nesting spot or den to get those special photographs. This unit will help you do that! To pick up your Canon GP-E2 GPS and to help support this site, follow the link above!


Moraine Lake, Banff National Park in Alberta. The GPS was used to geotag the photograph. Enter the coordinates into google maps and it will come up with my exact location!   51°19'39" N 116°10'48" W