Canon 7D II Announcement

The Canon 7D replacement has been announced! The 7D II seems like a great upgrade to the 7D with improvements in every area! Autofocus, frames per second, 7D II has built in GPS, and the thing that interests me the most is the sensor. It has the same megapixel count as the 70D but according to Canon this is a redesigned sensor with improved sharpness and clarity. It's no secret the Sony sensors in the Nikon and Sony bodies have been better than Canons sensors in terms of overall quality. I believe Canon has the best lens system on the market by far and I'm hoping someday their sensors will be on par with Sony's. If this new sensor proves to be a great improvement, I will be pretty excited for a high megapixel "landscape" camera, hopefully in the near future. The 7D II is perfect for sports and wildlife and in many ways it outshines the 1DX. The 7D II has more processing power than the 1DX with 2 DIGIC 6 Processors. It has the dual pixel focusing found in the 70D which will improve focusing speed. It has 65 point cross type focussing points, (1DX only has 61 and only 41 are cross type). This means the 7DII has a "better" focussing system, faster processing, better metering, potentially a better sensor, it will focus down to f8, and it has built in GPS which is often important for wildlife photogs. I haven't even mentioned the video features!

This seems like a awesome camera with great improvements over the 7D and even outshines Canon's flagship camera body! Oh did I mention it's about $5000 cheaper than the 1DX. Can't wait for the reviews to come in!


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