Canon 70D Release

The Canon 70D was released last evening. I looked at the spec list and it seems to be a step forward in Canon's sensor technology. The Canon 70D release is a preview of what's to come in the higher end models, so even if this is a consumer camera, professionals watch to see what the camera is all about. The biggest feature of the APS-C 20.2 megapixel camera is the new auto focus. From the video below, it shows making real time focus adjustments by a touch of the screen. With Wi-Fi being a feature on the 70D, you can control the camera via smartphone. This makes it very intriguing for videographers. I would like to see some real time tests of the autofocus on moving subjects as well as stills, but this seems to be a big step forward for Canon.

Being a landscape photographer, this camera doesn't do much for me. If the autofocus is much improved (which it seems it is) over previous versions, I can see the wildlife, bird, and sport photographers taking notice. The autofocus for wildlife photography is what caught my eye.

Coming it at $1199.00 for the body only option, seems reasonable, as it rivals the 7D in terms of features, but it seems the 7D would be more rugged and durable. You can Pre-Order your 70D Here.

Check out the video below for the Canon preview of the 70D.


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