Canon 5Ds and Canon 5Ds R Update

The Canon 50 megapixel cameras are now available for pre order. The product is not scheduled to ship until June, but both Amazon and B&H photo have them listed. I have my pre order in for the 5Ds R. Nikon did the low pass filter experiment with the d800 and the d800e. I think the majority of landscape and fine art photographers are going to go with the 5Ds R. As far as studio and product photography goes, I am not sure what kind of situations those photographers will run into, so the 5Ds might be a better choice. Click the links below to pre order your 5D of choice. 


Pre Order at  B&H 5Ds  &  B&H 5Ds R or at Amazon 5Ds & Amazon 5Ds R.


To learn more about the 5Ds series here's an interesting look at images made with the prototype cameras.