Camera Sales Declining

A recent report has surfaced about worldwide camera sales. You can see the report here.  What the report states is that camera sales have been declining the last 3 years including mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless sales are still way behind the traditional DSLR market especially in America. While America receives approx 25% of the worlds total camera shipments, we only receive 9% of the worlds mirrorless cameras. 

It's starting to make sense why Canon hasn't updated their mirrorless system for the American market. Americans aren't buying mirrorless like Asia and Japan. Also cameras shipped as a whole is down approx 64% from 2012 to 2015. 

All this means is that people aren't buying cameras. But why? It could be people are happy with the camera they own and the minor updates manufactures come out with aren't worth the extra money. It could also mean that the newer cameras that are aimed at pros and hobbyists are intimidating to the regular folks that just want to take a picture.

Mirrorless cameras and consumer DSLRS are not the easiest thing to understand. My wife owns a mirrorless as does my parents. If it wasn't for me they wouldn't know how it works or what modes to set it on. Yes they could read the manual, but they don't want to learn the craft, they just want to take pictures while on vacation or of their grandchild. There's a learning curve that most consumers don't want to invest the time to learn. That's why phones, at least in my experience, are the most popular camera. You just point, tap the screen and you end up with a decent image. 

So where do cameras go from here? Im really not sure. There will always be a pro and hobbyist market for the 50 megapixel sensor and ultra wide and telephoto lenses, but for the masses of people that don't care about that stuff, it will end up hurting the camera companies. Nikon and Sony both have had rough times lately. While Sony is not a camera specific company, Nikon mostly is and could be in trouble if the camera sales trend continues. 

 Canon is a more diversified company with the majority of their revenue coming from office solutions like printers and copiers. It will be an interesting next few years in the camera industry.