C.E.U.s for Photographers

If you are a working professional C.E.U.'s (continuing education units) are something you may be familiar with. When I was a personal trainer I was required to renew my certificate every two years. This required that I had a certain amount of C.E.U.s. My wife is a therapist and she is also required a certain amount of C.E.U.s to maintain her state licensure. The theory behind this madness is to assure we are maintaining our level of quality, and up to date with new techniques and processes. C.E.U.s for photographers may be required to maintain some certificates like through PPA or some other organization, but for the most part, the photography community has none. In this post I will share with you some of my favorite books, blogs, ebooks, and magazines, that I consider my C.E.U.s. I think as a photographer we should strive to put out the best work we can. Sometimes we will hit a plateau and to break this plateau we need to find new inspiration, processes, and maybe even subjects. Always striving to evolve and become a better professional is the basis behind C.E.U.s and the photographic community needs to be doing the same. Not all items are photography related, some are business related. Some resources help me become a better backpacker which in turn will help my photography. Here is a list of things that will help with your photography evolution.


Books and Ebooks



While I have only attended one workshop, I would love to attend more! Art Wolfe does an excellent job of teaching and sharing his knowledge. Read the review I posted here.


There are plenty more resources available for continuing your education. I would love to hear about what you read and what workshops you have attended. I am always on the lookout for tidbits of information that will help me become the best I can be!