Bubblegum Alley San Luis Obispo

At my recent Art Wolfe Seminar, Art mentioned Bubblegum Alley San Luis Obispo here on the central coast of California. It's a short drive away so I thought I would look it up. It wasn't hard to find, wikipedia has an entry on it here. It's on the 700 block of Higuera Street in downtown San Luis Obispo.  According to wikipedia it's 15' high and 70 feet long. Some state that Bubblegum Alley dates back to WWII. The Alley was cleaned in the 70's but since then it's been gathering gum for over 40 years. 40-year-old gum stuck on a wall who wouldn't want to see that?!?

I was in San Luis with my sweetie for some lunch and a day out. We went to our favorite place to eat in San Luis Obispo called the Corner View Restaurant and Bar. We go here every time we are in San Luis. They have excellent food, (haven't had anything I didn't like), great service, and a cosy atmosphere. I am a sucker for a good burger and they have a great one in the Bacon, Guacamole & Cheddar burger.(highly recommended) They also have wonderful steaks and pasta dishes. All that good food and a reasonable price to boot, how can you go wrong?

After lunch we decided to go look for the gum wall. It's one of those things where you know what you're looking for but you really don't know what to expect until you get to it.  When we got there I was intrigued and grossed out at the same time. They have all sorts of interesting things stuck on the wall. The Becky loves Johnny thing, lines, designs, and of course just lots of stuck on gobs of gum. Some where old and crusty, and some where new and um... gummy.

You can spend sometime looking at the different designs and patterns but basically most people do what I did and that's look at it, take a few pictures, then leave. It's not a travel destination but one of those unique finds that adds to a city's atmosphere and history. If you are in San Luis Obispo, stop by and take a look. You'll be entertained at the least.


The gum wall is not really a landscape destination, but it is an interesting tradition that a lot of people find fascinating.