Best Season For Black And White

What is the best season for black and white photography? Well if you ask me it's right about now, between fall and winter. The colors of the fall foliage are gone, the snow (at least where I live) has yet to stick around, and everything is seemingly lifeless. It's somewhat the opposite of spring with all the wildflowers and tree blossoms. So with everything looking sad, how do we create good photographs? Shoot in black and white! With black and white photography we're focused more on shapes and textures and the absence of color is welcomed. The landscape has many opportunities for black and white photography. Long exposure photography is also great for black and white imagery. A 2 minute exposure of water will most likely render it completely white. This provides a dreamlike image. For more tips on Black and White photography click here. For some very inspirational black and white photography check out Julius Tjintjelaar's work. One of the best black and white artists out there.

While black and white is not my go to style, it's a great opportunity to practice and improve my vision. I believe it's important to try things even if failure is probable, because improvement in inevitable. Give it a try and let me know what you come up with!



The bare trees of early winter provided great interest with the branches  all snarled from the wind swept landscape.