Art Show: How To Find a Venue To Display Your Work

Sorry gang I've been out of touch for a few weeks. Been pretty busy traveling and setting up my Art Show. Click here for more information. This weeks blog I will talk about galleries and some tips on how to get your own art show.  To land your own art show is a great opportunity. It gets your work "out there" and even if you gain just a couple new fans, it's worth it! If you have an opportunity to display your work you should seriously consider all options. There are many galleries out there and they all seem to operate a little different. Most galleries have some kind of application process. This requires filling out paperwork describing your work, providing an artist statement, and exhibiting examples of your work. This could be in person or possibly through your website. They will also have a list of requirements to display your work, such as number of pieces, size, and art medium.

Some of the galleries I have worked with will take a commission if a sale is made. Usually its around 60% to the artist and 40% to the gallery. The numbers may vari from gallery to gallery, but it's a pretty standard practice. The 40% covers the cost of the venue, employees of the gallery, the marketing of your work, and the gallery is most likely to take care of any transactions if you are to sell a piece.

Other galleries will display your work with no commission required. They may market your work and in turn they have art work to display for free. These types of galleries are common in places like a hotel lobby's, restaurants, and conference centers. The downside is that it's not a typical place where art buyers go to buy art, and the sale and delivery of the art will have to be taken care of by the artist.

I have run into galleries offering to display my work, but they required an upfront fee. After the fee is paid, the commission structure is more favorable for the artist. Say 75% goes to the artist and 25% to the gallery. The problem with this, is the huge upfront cost without the guarantee of sales. I can't remember the fee exactly but it was over three thousand dollars. I decided against this due to the high up front fee.

Probably the best scenario is to have an art consultant buy your work outright to display in a gallery. This is likely to happen in places such as corporate galleries. Big corporate companies will often have a gallery in the main corporate office building. They hire a designer or an art consultant to decorate the gallery space. The designer will then purchase pieces from artists.

All these options have certain benefits, but to land one of these opportunities requires that you get out and show your work. This could be through email or face to face. Different people have different preferences, find out which one they prefer and follow through. Once you do have an opportunity, be aware of the costs. Framing and printing 30 pieces can be pretty pricey. And of course you want to provide the best possible display you can. If any problems arise, it's wise to fix them immediately.

Ultimately to get your art displayed you have to market your work. Try local hotels, restaurants, traditional galleries. Market yourself to art consultants, designers, etc. Eventually someone will say yes.