AEO Lightning Strike II Review

Spring and summer is a great time to view storms and the lightning that accompanies it. Capturing lightning at night is far easier than during the day, but it still takes some timing, and more often than not requires a lot of guess work and luck. Not with the AEO Lightning Strike II. All you do is attach this device to the hot shoe of your camera and sit back and let it do the work for you. Although it's a bit sensitive during the daytime hours, I found that it triggered the camera without lightning present, during the darker hours it works wonderfully. The best thing about the Lightning Strike II, is it's fairly inexpensive. Follow this link to B&H to get yours. Pick out the right connector for your camera, plug it in, and go find the lightning. Like with all things, be safe when storm chasing, it's often a good idea to set your camera on a tripod and take shelter. I often set up my tripod just outside my car while I stay inside my vehicle. If lightning happens to strike my camera I will be safe.

5D III 16-35mm at 16mm. f5.6 @ ISO 100

This weeks image is made up of 5 frames of lightning strikes, layered and blended in Photoshop. The shutter speeds were determined by the cameras "evaluative" meter and each frame had a different shutter speed, but most of them were around 30 sec. The camera was set in aperture priority and triggered with the AEO Lightning Strike II. The red streaks is a car moving through the frame during one of the longer exposures.

Overall the AEO triggers work as advertised and is recommended if you would also like to capture the elusive lightning.