Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers Deal

Last week Adobe announced a Creative Cloud Photographers deal. The promo will go live in a couple weeks, it's not yet available. I think this deal was developed after the uproar the photographic community caused over Adobe's new business model of subscription based software plan. It's a pretty good deal! You get Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99 a month. Adobe is also providing 20 gig of cloud storage and a couple other perks. Am I going to do it? Part of me wants to because it does seem like a good deal, and Adobe is telling everyone this is a limited time offer. The deal goes away in December 2013. I am not sure if they will have a higher package price after the expiration, or if this is just a temporary package. The other part of me is saying I just doled out $ for Lightroom just a few months ago, and my copy of CS5 works just fine for my needs. I think my biggest concern is product support. When new cameras and lenses come out, I am sure the older software  will not be updated to support the new equipment. Will Lightroom be strictly cloud based in the future? If so I may want to lock in the $10 a month plan. If not, I will wait for the next Lightroom upgrade. As far as Photoshop, that will never again be a stand alone product. If I want to upgrade I will have to join the cloud, and the subscription rate for Photoshop CC is $19.99. Will I ever upgrade to Photoshop CC? I would say yes... eventually. Some of the new features haven't yet convinced me to do so.

What is a photographer to do? Upgrade and lock in the special pricing, or go with what is working and upgrade once it's needed? This could be months or even years.