5 Tips to Composing

Composing photographs is different for every photographer. In this post I will go over 5 tips to composing a landscape scene.

1) The first thing I look for when composing is good light. I will usually compose a photograph with side lighting or back lighting. Front light in a landscape scene in my experience comes across flat and boring, but it can be done!

2) I like to find an interesting foreground object that will give the scene depth and scale.

3) Along with my foreground I also like to add a middle ground, background, and a sky. I think it creates scale and depth having these elements to compliment my foreground.

4) I try to find lines, patterns, light, color, and shapes that will lead your eye through the photograph.

5) 95% of the time I will leave the horizon either at the top third of the frame or the bottom third. I rarely leave the horizon in the middle of the frame.

These are just some basic quick tips for composing a landscape photograph.

Try em out let me know how it works out!