5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Nature Photographer

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Nature Photographer is an annual post for me. Most blogs make some sort of holiday buying guide for their readers and my blog is no exception. Why? because we all need gear and although the gear don't make the images, us photographers do, we all need gear and we all like getting gear. So here it goes.  

1) The first thing on my list this year is a Lightning Trigger. Taking lightning photographs in the dark is a bit easier than it is during the day but a lighting trigger will trigger your camera when it sees a flash of lighting. This makes it easier to capture lightning in any condition. Not only will you get more "keeper" images it's also safer. You can set your camera outside while you sit inside your home or car. This ways it's not as likely you'll get struck by lightning as opposed to holding on to a cable release attached to a carbon fiber tripod.

2) Memory Cards have come down in price dramatically just as recently as last month. Both sandisk and lexar are offering never heard before pricing for fast "pro" cards. It's a great time to upgrade or add cards to your kit. The link above is for 2- 16gb 400x cards from lexar. You couldn't get one for that price just a month or so ago, but times a changin.

3) Avenger A2033LKIT Steel 40-Inch Sliding Leg C-Stand with Grip Kit (Chrome) If you are into shooting outdoors whether it be nature or people a C-stand is the way to go. I set up a c-stand with a softbox out by the bird feeder and get good soft light on my little bird subjects. C-stands are stout and when you put some sandbags on the legs it's sure to stay put. It's also very adaptable for most situations and terrain.

4) Art of Bird Photography by Arthur Morris. Arthur Morris is one of the worlds top bird photographers. If you are into bird photography or would like to learn more about it, this is the book. Learn from the best.



5) Photo Sport 200 All Weather Camera Pack by Lowepro just won a pop award for outstanding product from Popular photography Magazine. If you are a skier, trail runner, or mountain biker, this pack is made for you. Check it out!

That's whats on my Christmas list this year. If you are shopping for a photographer or just some ideas for your own holiday list, I hope this helps!