17 Mile Drive & Pebble Beach Golf Course

17 Mile Drive & Pebble Beach Golf Course is near Monterey California. It mostly consists of a lot of big houses and some world-famous golf courses. Spy Glass Hill and Pebble Beach are both part of this drive. Basically you're driving through a super nice and rich neighborhood that is on the central coast of California. On one side you have mansions and fancy cars, and on the other you have the rocky coastline. There are a couple of gates which you can enter the drive. They do charge you for the drive if you are a non-resident. The fee is $10. Is it worth it? we'll talk about that later.

I paid the fee and I was on my way. There many stops or pullouts that have great views of the ocean on the drive. One of the most famous stops and is the "Lone Cypress Tree" stop. They say that this lone tree on the cliffs of the California coast is about 200 years old. Cypress trees can live up to 300 years old. There are some ropes and guides holding the tree in place probably to keep the wind from blowing it over and into the water.  The "Lone Cypress Tree" is actually trademarked. I didn't know you could trademark trees, but there is a sign there stating that you can't use any  photographs of the tree for commercial use without prior written permission. I thought that kinda stinks. I took some pictures of the cypress for my personal archive but this tree is the official logo for Pebble Beach.

Other stops along the drive have some nice landscape opportunities but the last stop on the drive is the Pebble Beach Lodge. This is also the 18th green for the legendary golf course. There was a wedding going on in the lodge itself when I took this posts' picture but I snuck around the building and got this photograph. What is the going rate for 18 at Pebble Beach you ask? Well it's $495... but wait that includes a cart! They recommend a caddie but you need to book a caddie in advance. No rates listed for caddies.

All in all it was a good couple of hours. The drive is really nice and it could easily be a day trip. I didn't stop at every turnout, but the ones I did stop at where beautiful. If you like big houses and expensive cars, this drive will satisfy that as well.

I recommend it, although I don't see myself going back, unless of course you want to buy a round of golf!

I give it FOUR out of five stars.

This is the 18th hole by the clubhouse at pebble beach. The golf course is as photographic as the drive!