There are two ways to live; one is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.
— Albert Einstein
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For me, nature photography is as much about the journey as it is about the final image. Merging my vision with the technical limits of the camera is part of the journey, but every photograph I make has a unique and special story to go along with it. 

I pursue landscape photography for the memories I make and the challenges I face. 

I remember the weather, the people around me, and the adventures leading up to the the final image. I have made images just before I proposed to my wife. Wonderful memories with my parents when they came along to catch a view of the falling sun. Funny stories about gettin caught in a hail storm, or not so pleasant memories of leg cramps on the long hike back to the car. Every image has a story and every story is part of my life journey. 

I enjoy everything about the pursuit of the photograph. From camping and hiking to taking and editing the image. The process fulfills my primal need to be outdoors and my inner geek that loves technology. 

My vision comes from my imagination. I imagine scenes and scenarios and store those visions like memories. I study and prepare as much as I can for the places I visit, but ultimately nature dictates what my photograph will look like. Once the scene starts to take shape and develop, my mind is going through my visions. Sometimes I have a vision ready to execute and sometimes I develop a vision on the spot.

I always have a blueprint when creating a photograph, but like building a house, you have to expect the unexpected and adapt. Each time that perfect moment comes together and fulfills my vision, I experience true joy and excitement. Occasionally cheering and awkward dancing may be observed.

After that moment, the process begins again, and I pursue the next vision in hopes to create more fond memories and photographs to go along with them. I truly hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it and thank you for being part of my life journey.